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Apply to become a Kepler Scholar.

Welcome to the Kepler Scholars Program! Kepler Space Institute (KSI) is looking for people who want to a part of a premier group of scholars to support research, exploration, development of space resources.

KSI is recruiting exceptional people with a university education in science, engineering, or medicine and extensive knowledge and experience.

Application Form

    We are looking for motivated individuals who are curious about the issues that matter most to our society. Explorers, tinkerers, and innovators who are research savvy – researchers who love to dive deep into the numbers but who can also take a step back from them and think about the big picture.

    We want individuals who can bring a meaningful contribution to the expansion of human civilization from Earth to space.

    The ideal candidate should have:

    • Graduate degree (masters and/or PhD) in the areas of science, engineering, or medicine
    • A proven research track record
    • At least 3+ years of professional experience
    • Excellent communication skills with the capacity to work in an international setting
    • A good moral character with a high sense of purpose

    There are two simple steps:

    1. Fill out the form provided, attached your resume/CV

    2. If you meet the qualifications, our team will contact you directly.

    Thank you for your patience and we look forward to connecting with you soon!

    Journal of Space Philosophy – Board of Editors

    Kepler Space Institute (KSI) is honored to have 42 of the world’s Space community professionals as members of the Board of Editors for the Journal of Space Philosophy.

    Dr. Elliott Maynard, our Journal of Space Philosophy Board of Editors colleague, has beautifully stated both the purpose and the style for our peer reviews:

    This is such a hi-caliber group of leading-edge thinkers and supercharged individuals, it should be natural for each of us to wish to provide a supportive and synergistic environment for the others. I have also learned always to have someone else proof read any material I write, as I have discovered that the brain tends not to “see” my own simple mistakes. Ergo, within the new Kepler context I feel editors should be there to support our writers in the most creative and positive ways possible. (e-mail to Bob Krone, March 23, 2013)

    The purposes of peer reviews of article submissions to the Journal of Space Philosophy are: (1) to determine the relevance to the Vision and Goals of KSI; (2) to help the author(s) improve the article in substance and style or recommend references; and (3) to provide publication recommendations to the Editor-in-Chief.

    Arthur Gordon

    Gordon Arthur, PhD

    JSP Associate Editor, Theology at King’s College, London, UK

    Autino, Adriano

    Adriano Autino

    Founder, Space Renaissance International.

    Bell, Sherry

    Sherry Bell, PhD

    Kepler Space Institute Dean, School of Psychology.

    Bloom, Howard

    Howard K. Bloom

    Founder Space Development Group, Publicist, Author on Human Evolution, Science, Technology, and Space.

    Bolton, Jennifer

    Jennifer Bolton, PhD

    Co-Founder Virtual Space Orbiting Settlement VOSS. Veteran and molecular biologist, Space Pioneers Science Officer.

    Burgess, Lowry

    Lowry Burgess

    Distinguished Fellow at the Studio for Creative Inquiry, Center for the Arts and Society, College of Fine Arts, Carnegie Mellon University.

    Clements, Douglas

    Douglas H. Clements, MD

    American Board of Ophthalmology, “Improving Human Vision for Space Exploration and Settlement”.

    Downing, Lawrence

    Lawrence G. Downing, DMin

    Senior Pastor, Space Faith and Spirituality Pioneer, University Professor.

    Fitzpatrick, Susan

    Susan Beaman Fitzpatrick, DBA

    Vice Chairman, Oak Family Advisors, LLC based in Chicago.

    Hayut-Mann, Yitzhaq

    Yitzhaq Haut-Man, PhD

    Architect for the Universe, The Jerusalem Dome of the Rock as a memory site for theology, philosophy and humanity past, present and future.

    Hopkins, Mark

    Mark Hopkins

    Chairman of the Executive Committee, National Space Society (NSS)

    Isaacson, Joel

    Joel D. Isaacson, PhD

    Nature’s Cosmic Intelligence, pioneer of RD Cellular Automata since the 1960s.

    Ivey, Janet

    Janet Ivey

    Janet’s Planet online and on PBS. A Nashville TV treasure and a friend of Kepler Space Institute. She is an Ambassador of Buzz Aldrin’s Share Science Foundation.

    Khovanova-Rubicondo, Kseniya

    Kseniya Khovanova-Rubicondo, PhD

    University of Chicago, Expert in public economics, innovation, policy and urban planning. Consultant to the Council of Europe and European Commission.

    Kim, Kee young

    Kee Young Kim, PhD

    Chairman of the Board of the prestigious Samil Foundation, the oldest Korean institution to award and provide scholarships to high-performing scientists, artist and engineers.

    Kiker, Edward

    Edward Kiker

    Office of the Chief Scientist, U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command/Army Forces Strategic Command, Kepler Space Institute Chief Scientist.

    Krone, Bob

    Bob Krone, PhD

    Journal of Space Philosophy Editor-in-Chief, President, Kepler Space Institute (KSI), sponsor of this Journal.

    Livingston, David

    David Livingston, PhD

    Founder and host, The Space Show.

    Marzwell, Neville

    Neville Marzwell, PhD

    Space Solar Power and Robotics Scientist. Career at JPL as Manager for Advanced Concepts and Technology.

    Matula, Thomas

    Thomas L. Matula, PhD

    Business and Management Professor, Lunar Commercial scholar.


    Elliott Maynard, PhD

    Founder, ArcoCielos Research Center, Sedona Arizona.

    Mook, William

    William Mook, PE

    Trained in aerospace engineering, 15 years in alternative energy, Space Commerce Technology.

    Olson, Thomas

    Thomas H. Olson, PhD, DBA

    Professor of Clinical Management and Organization, University of Southern California Marshall School of Business, Los Angeles, California, USA.

    Palma Bernardino

    Bernardino Palma

    Historian, Portuguese Age of Discovery.

    Pearl, Kim

    Kim Peart

    Co-Founder, Virtual Orbiting Space Settlement (VOSS). Artist, visionary, virtual worlds.

    Robinson, George

    George S. Robinson III, LLD

    Space law pioneer and international space expert. Smithsonian Institute Legal Counsel.

    Schorer, Lonnie Jones

    Lonnie Jones Schrorer

    Kids to Space author and teacher. Architect, aviator.

    Schrunk, David

    David Schrunk, MD

    Aerospace engineer, Founder, Quality Laws Institute.

    Schwab, Martin

    Martin Schwab, PhD

    International Space author, KSI Faculty, Aerospace Technology Working Group.

    Scott, Winston

    Winston E. Scott

    American Astronaut, Vice President for Development, Florida Institute of Technology.

    Stephanou, Stephen

    Stephen E. Stephanou, PhD

    Emeritus Professor of Systems Technology, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California, USA.

    Tang, Terry

    Terry Tang, PhD

    Kepler Space Institute Research Associate

    Thornburn, Stephanie Lynne

    Stephanie Lynne Thorburn

    Author, Astrosociology.

    Werbos, Paul

    Paul Werbos, PhD

    U.S. National Science Foundation, Space scholar.

    White, Frank

    Frank White, MSc

    Founder, The Overview Effect Institute.

    Wilkins, John

    John Wilkins, PhD

    Professor of Space Settlements.

    Wolfe, Steven

    Steven Wolfe

    Space advocate and author of the 2013 Space novel, The Obligation.

    Yacoub, Ignatius

    Ignatius Yacoub, PhD

    Professor of Graduate Studies, Loma Linda University School of Social Work and Social Ecology, Loma Linda, California.


    Robert Zubrin, PhD

    President, Mars Society.

    We grieve the passing of Dr. Eshel Ben-Jacob (2015), Declan O’Donnell (2015), and Dr. Edgar Dean Mitchell (2016). We honor their dedication and contribution to the success of the JSP with their admission to Kepler’s Guild.