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The Kepler Scholars Program is looking for scholars to support research and development supporting the expansion of human civilization from Earth to space. We are recruiting exceptional people with a passion for space exploration. We provide education in science, engineering, or medicine and to develop new knowledge and experience in pioneering fields of research related to human living and working in space.

We are looking for explorers, tinkerers, and innovators who are research savvy – pioneers who love to dive deep into the numbers but who can also take a step back from them and think about the big picture. Kepler Scholars are motivated individuals who are curious about the issues that matter most to our society, and pursuing excellence bridging their passions and academic pursuits to bring a meaningful contribution to the migration of humans into space.

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Kepler Scholars are driven by their innate curiosity and a genuine desire to address the most significant challenges facing our society. By aligning their personal passions with academic pursuits, they aim to make substantial contributions towards the migration of humans into space. If you are an aspiring pioneer, eager to push the boundaries of knowledge and embark on a journey that will shape the future of humanity, the Kepler Scholars Program welcomes you. Join us in our mission to expand the frontiers of human civilization and create a meaningful impact on the exploration and inhabitation of space.


The ideal candidate should have:

  • A proven research track record

  • At least 3+ years of professional experience

  • Excellent communication skills with the capacity to work in an international setting

  • A good moral character with a high sense of purpose



  •  Immerse yourself in real-world space missions and research projects, gaining practical experience and contributing to new discoveries.
  • Access resources to foster your entrepreneurial spirit and innovative ideas. Benefit from mentorship, resources, and research opportunities to launch your career to the next level.


  • Kepler Space Newsletter

  • Annual Subscription to Journal of Space Philosophy

  • Kepler Digital Library – conferences, videos, resources and special collections

  • Announcements of Scholarships and Research Opportunities

  • Access to Space Education Programs & Workshops



  • Collaborate with like-minded students and faculty on interdisciplinary space projects, allowing you to develop teamwork and leadership skills while contributing to impactful space research.
  • Be at the forefront of space exploration advancements and innovation. Get the knowledge and skills needed to shape the future of humanity’s exploration of the stars.

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Masters Degrees

The Master of Science (M.S.) Degree Programs feature coursework, research training, and collaborations with faculty in a research-led culture emphasizing rigor, creativity & innovation. Students will join industry leaders to help guide the sustainable development of Space, and with the support of commercial and international partners will conduct impactful research in space-related fields to enable human expansion from Earth to Space.

Graduate Certificates

Online programs focusing on Interdisciplinary Space Studies, KSI provides specialized graduate certificates for those aiming to excel in the space industry. Our flexible programs offer theoretical knowledge and practical experiences, tailored to your interests. Learn from renowned faculty, explore new frontiers, and gain skills and credentials to advance your career.

Space Education

Address the needs of a rapidly evolving space industry, experience space programs equipping the leaders of tomorrow with the knowledge and know-how needed to successfully navigate change and growing space industry. Our comprehensive courses and workshops cover space technology, human spaceflight, and mission operations. Led by industry professionals, to support research and development of the human exploration and migration to space. Unleash your potential and let’s go beyond boldly!


Kepler Scholars

Explore Your Full Potential! The Kepler Scholars Program is looking for scholars to support R&D supporting the expansion of human civilization from Earth to Space. We are recruiting exceptional people with a passion for space exploration. We provide education in science, engineering, or space education and to develop new knowledge and experience in pioneering fields of research related to human living and working in space.

Space Research

KSI aims to cultivate transformative impact on society through continuous innovation in education and research, with a shared commitment among all members of its community to promote the reverence for life and principles of equal opportunity, equity, and justice. We are dedicated to fostering an open and collaborative culture, providing students an experiential learning experience combining practical skills and rigorous academic study in a diverse and inclusive environment. We seek to build a better world through empowerment, vigilant protection of individual human rights and freedom of expression and inquiry.

Training & Development

Discover new ideas and experiences, space education for the builders of tomorrow, short courses up to 6 weeks focused on human space exploration. Delve into space settlements, lunar missions, Mars habitats, and beyond. Led by space innovators & experts, these programs provide in-depth knowledge & insights into the future of humanity in space. Enroll now to expand your understanding and contribute to open the next frontiers.



Space research necessitates visionary leaders who can inspire and guide the exploration of new frontiers, driving innovation, and fostering collaboration among diverse teams to achieve breakthroughs in space technology and expansion from Earth to Space.


Advancing medical knowledge and technologies, enables the understanding of the effects of microgravity on human health, developing remedies and countermeasures for long term space travel-related health issues, and fostering breakthroughs in telemedicine and remote healthcare delivery.


Space profoundly impacts society by inspiring awe and curiosity, driving technological advancements, and offering potential solutions to global challenges such as climate change, resource scarcity, and sustainable living through the development of space-based technologies and systems.


Space research provides unparalleled opportunities to study celestial bodies, cosmic phenomena, and fundamental principles of physics, astronomy, and planetary science, leading to discoveries that reshape our understanding of the universe and laying the foundation for future space exploration endeavors.


Government involvement in space research is crucial for fostering international cooperation, setting regulations and policies, ensuring the safe and ethical exploration of space, and facilitating partnerships between public and private entities to drive technological advancements and expand human presence beyond Earth.


Space research pushes the boundaries of engineering by demanding the development of robust and efficient spacecraft, propulsion systems, life support technologies, and advanced materials, driving innovation across various engineering disciplines and creating spin-off technologies with applications on Earth.

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Space Research Areas

We are seeking passionate individuals to join our vibrant community. Our institution is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of knowledge and human space exploration.. By joining our research programs, you will have the opportunity to work alongside renowned scientists and experts in their respective fields, building the worlds of tomorrow, developing innovative technologies to support future space communities.

Through our collaborative and dynamic environment, you will be empowered and make contributions to space research, shaping the future of human exploration and paving the way for transformative discoveries. If you are driven by curiosity, inspired by the wonders of space, and eager to be part of a community that is pushing the frontiers of knowledge, Kepler welcomes you to embark on an extraordinary journey of exploration and discovery.