Kepler Scholars Program

Jul 17, 2023

The Kepler Scholars Program is looking for scholars to support research and development supporting the expansion of human civilization from Earth to space. We are recruiting exceptional people with a passion for space exploration. We provide education in science, engineering, or medicine and to develop new knowledge and experience in pioneering fields of research related to human living and working in space.

We are looking for explorers, tinkerers, and innovators who are research savvy – pioneers who love to dive deep into the numbers but who can also take a step back from them and think about the big picture. Kepler Scholars are motivated individuals who are curious about the issues that matter most to our society, and pursuing excellence bridging their passions and academic pursuits to bring a meaningful contribution to the migration of humans into space.

Kepler Scholars are driven by their innate curiosity and a genuine desire to address the most significant challenges facing our society. By aligning their personal passions with academic pursuits, they aim to make substantial contributions towards the migration of humans into space. If you are an aspiring pioneer, eager to push the boundaries of knowledge and embark on a journey that will shape the future of humanity, the Kepler Scholars Program welcomes you.

Join us in our mission to expand the frontiers of human civilization and create a meaningful impact on the exploration and inhabitation of space.

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