Fall 2013- Journal of Space Philosophy – VOLUME 2, NUMBER 2

Oct 15, 2013

Dedicated to the belief that Space holds solutions for the betterment of humankind.

A major focus of this journal is the philosophy set out in Volume 1, Issue
1, namely that we should seek reverence for life within ethical civilization.
Our first principle is that reverence for life is the foundational purpose that will sustain humankind in perpetuity. A number of articles in this Issue expound and expand upon this theme. In addition, one of our feature articles, by Marc van Duijn, includes a discussion prompted by the ideas it contains. The editors welcome such discussion, on both past and present articles, and all such contributions will be considered for publication in subsequent issues.

We are pleased to welcome two new members to our Board of Editors:
Stephen Stephanou and Stephen Wolfe. We look forward to their contributions in the future.

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