33rd Annual International Space Development Conference

Jan 7, 2014

ISDC 2014 A Space Renaissance

The International Space Development Conference (ISDC) is the annual conference of the National Space Society. The conference covers several broad areas of study related to building a spacefaring civilization, including transportation to and through space, technology needed to live and work in space, and Earth-based activities to advocate for or educate others about space development. The ISDC is unique in that it brings together members of the general public with space activists, scientists, engineers, educators, astronauts, aerospace industry leaders, and government officials for one purpose: to explore humanity’s future in space.

Space development and innovation are flourishing at an ever-increasing rate. New technologies are redefining our paradigm of how humans interact with space: new ideas and approaches will bring us closer to space than ever before. A Space Renaissance in the making. Join ISDC2014 in May for an immersive look into current space development programs, cutting-edge aerospace technology, and innovative new projects to inspire the next renaissance of human culture:the settlement, development and capitalization of space

ISDC will have talks on Asteroids, Business, Breakthrough Science and Space Technologies, Education, Emerging Space Applications, Living in Space, Lunar, Mars, Space Solar Power, Spae Settlement Roadmap, Transhumanism and Space Exploration, and more. These tracks are being developed to incorporate the latest information. We welcome your input on what ISDC should offer within and outside of the designated tracks. ISDC is available on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ for staying abreast of the latest developments as well as providing opportunity for you to contribute. (See below for details.) Plenary and meal sessions will offer opportunities to hear from the giants in space science and industry.

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May 14-18, 2014


Los Angeles, CA

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