Explore Potential Careers through Co-op

Apr 15, 2023

The Kepler Co-op Program is available to students in both the Graduate Certificate Program and the Master of Science Degree Programs and offers students enriched educational experiences for academic and professional growth. The program works with a diverse range of community partners and sectors to provide transformative workplace learning for co-op students. It gives realworld handson experiences in the space industry.


The co-op program allows students to alternate academic terms with paid, relevant work experience. It allows students to explore different career options, while gaining paid, professional work experience and building a network of contacts. Co-op students get in-depth exposure to relevant workplaces and to a range of tasks related to their field of study. Students complete three work terms of four months each, over the two to three years, after achieving candidacy.


Co-op Program requirements

  • Co-op students are responsible for following the regulations and procedures of the Kepler Co-op Program.
  • The co-operative placement must relate to the program of study.
    • Students complete up to three work terms of 4 months each as part of the Master of Science Program/Complete 1 work term of 4 months as part of the Graduate Certificate Program.
  • A co-op student must finish their program on an academic term.
  • A co-op student must maintain full-time status until degree completion
  • All co-op students are required to complete a co-op preparation course before they can have access to co-op job boards or be approved for a co-op job. These courses explain the co-op process and expectations, as well as provide advice and resources to help you succeed in your job search and your co-op positions. Once completed, you are eligible to search for and accept jobs during the co-op terms in your academic program plan. The course is offered completely online.

Minimum Co-op Application requirements

Applications must be submitted the December of your first term of graduate studies to your department,  please contact the Office of Academic Affairs.

Students must have:

  • Successfully completed at least one term as a student at Kepler Space Institute
  • Students cannot have any outstanding English Language Proficiency requirements as part of their conditions of admission for their graduate studies program.
  • The department may request an interview with students before they are recommended to the Co-op Program for approval.

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