Exploring Collaboration Opportunities: Join Kepler in Advancing Human Space Exploration!

Apr 18, 2023

Exploring Collaboration Opportunities: Join Kepler in Advancing Human Space Exploration!

We extend an open invitation to all Space Industry Leaders, Visionary Organizations, and Space Enthusiasts Worldwide, the Kepler Co-op program is looking for space companies, private and public organizations to collaborate with our talented graduate students through our Co-op Program.

Our Collaborative Approach – We believe that collective efforts and knowledge sharing are essential to pushing the boundaries of space exploration. Our Co-op Program fosters a collaborative environment where your organization can partner with our diverse and passionate graduate students. The program  bridges the gap between academia and industry to advance new technologies and innovations in the space industry.

Meet our Exceptional Graduate Students

Our university boasts a vast talent pool of graduate students, each with a deep-rooted passion for space science, technology, and exploration. Their expertise spans a range of disciplines, including aerospace engineering, physics, astronomy, planetary sciences, social sciences and psychology, and more. Whether you seek innovative problem solvers, creative thinkers, or research collaborators, we have the ideal candidates to complement your organization’s objectives.

How Collaboration Works

Engaging in collaborative projects with our graduate students is a seamless process:

📜 Proposal and Interest: Share your project ideas, research proposals, or areas of interest, and we will match you with students whose skills align with your requirements.

📞 Exploratory Discussions: Initiate one-on-one discussions with potential candidates to explore possibilities, assess mutual expectations, and discuss project scopes.

🤝 Negotiate and : Formalize the opportunity collaboration through an offer and/or contract agreement with potential candidates that outlines project goals, timelines, and deliverables.

🌐 Online Collaboration: Embrace the flexibility of our online platform, allowing seamless communication and progress tracking, regardless of your location.

Together Towards New Horizons 

We are dedicated to fostering an inclusive and innovative space exploration community. By collaborating with our talented graduate students, you can harness fresh perspectives and diverse insights to tackle complex challenges.

Get Involved Today! 

Join our global network of space enthusiasts, researchers, and organizations that are passionate about unraveling the mysteries of the universe. To explore collaboration opportunities or to learn more about our Co-op Program, please reach out to us at [email protected] or send a message below. Together, we can enable students from all walks of life to reach for the stars!


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