Space Education, Training & Development

Feb 17, 2023

Cohort-based interdisciplinary training to address the needs of a rapidly evolving space industry.

Kepler Space Institute introduces space education, training and development programs to accelerate your journey to space. Unlock your potential through multi-week courses with exclusive content from space pioneers, explorers, and innovators.

The goal of the Kepler Space Education Program is to equip the leaders of tomorrow with the knowledge and know-how needed to successfully navigate change and growing space industry, and to support research and development of the human migration to space.

Advance your space education, training, and development

Learn By Doing

Experiential Learning to meet your schedule, Unlock your full potential. You are part of a growing community, collaborate and make new connections that go beyond the classroom. Engage in experiences that challenge you, apply what you learn through activities and live discussions. Learn in a safe environment, meet like-minded peers from all walks of life, while investigating, experimenting, and being curious.

Build your portfolio

Develop new skills to advance your career. Work on impactful projects and build your portfolio to show off your skills, investigate your passions and what drives you. Students acquire a foundation in interdisciplinary space studies, and assess which area of the human space exploration fits best with their individual proficiencies and interests. Effective research, problem-solving, and conceptualization skills are developed to prepare them for future studies in space. The breadth of experiences available provides an opportunity to learn new skills and techniques, while refining existing ones. Students develop a portfolio of their work, which will be valuable when applying to aerospace and space related jobs and programs.

Achieve your goals

Discover your path and take the next steps to accelerate your future. Chart a new trajectory to your goals with us and accelerate your development in a rapidly evolving Space Industry. Take the next step to understanding your strengths and interests to finding next career or new opportunities that is right for you. Having a path will show you the concrete next steps you can take and the skills and experience that you’ll need to get along the way. Find ways to get involved and start gaining experience to make your dreams a reality!

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