KSI Announces Launch of New Short Courses Programs for Space Education

Jul 8, 2022

The Kepler Space Education, Training and Development Programs provide advancing training for cohort-based interdisciplinary space studies/space sciences.

BRADENTON, FL, UNITED STATES, July 8, 2022 — Kepler Space Institute Announces Launch of new Short Course Programs for Space Education. The Kepler Space Education, Training and Development Programs are to provide an advancing curricula and training for cohort-based interdisciplinary space studies and space sciences.The new programs are to be led by industry and subject matter experts, and ensure that highly skilled personnel are in harmony with the current and future demands of the space industry

Kepler Space Institute has announced the launch of the Kepler Space Education, Training and Development Programs, that will develop non-credit professional development and short-term courses for students looking to learn about space exploration and transition into the Space Industry. Students of all ages are invited to participate, learn at your own pace and discover curated space content to advance your goals and passions and start your journey to space.

These courses are designed for a wide variety of professionals, providing interdisciplinary space studies and space sciences courses, lessons, resources & activities for educators & students, with 8 courses available now in the areas of engineering, leadership, governance and lawmaking, science, arts, history of the human family migrating to space, The Overview Effect, space energy, in-situ space utilization, space architecture, and exploration of the Moon and Mars, with new courses being introduced every month.

Future programs include topics related to space exploration using robotics, the human expansion to Space, space transportation, identification, utilization, and stewardship of space resources, space architecture, space philosophy, science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics, entrepreneurship, machine learning and artificial intelligence, history, cultural, social, humanities, economic, governmental, legal, governance and political aspects of space exploration and other materials related to enabling communities living and thriving on Earth and in Space.

The new programs will look to offer new curricula and training pathways for future explorers to develop their unique skillsets and bring their talents to meet the evolving needs of the space industry and set students up for success. Executive programs will also be offered, targeted primarily at corporate, mid-career, and executive learners.

“Our goal is to continuously advance our curriculum to ensure that our students are learning content that aligns with the current and future demands of the space industry,” said Haroon Oqab, President/CEO of Kepler Space Institute. “Students are provided opportunities to develop their skillsets and build a foundation in space education , and help drive innovations by addressing the rapidly evolving needs of our community. “

The Kepler Space Education, Training, and Development Programs will be led by industry experts, subject matter experts, experienced scientists, space engineers, professors, managers, experts in space law and policy, and an international collection of researchers in technical and non-technical space-related fields, all who will personalize courses and programs for scholars’ career needs within the expanding global Space Community to address the challenges of the 21st Century. The program is expected to significantly enhance students’ industry-based skills across disciplines, enhancing portfolios and projects and enabling them to learn directly from the experts who are actively redefining their industry.

Courses are offered online, with synchronous and asynchronous delivery of content, and provide cohort-based interdisciplinary training equipping the leaders of tomorrow with the knowledge and skills needed to successfully navigate a growing space industry. The timing of courses will also diversify – with some programs offered at night and on weekends – to better accommodate student schedules, especially those of working professionals and those who want to make a career change into the space industry.
“We envision more flexible non-credit offerings, coordinating these with other existing Kepler Space Institute programming and outreach initiatives, we are adding to the unique educational experiences that bring the research conducted at KSI into practice and develop the space work force.” says Nate Sushereba, Vice President of Finance and Administration of Kepler Space Institute, “To help deliver this ambitious programming and to continue building on our experience, the new programs are supported by faculty members, Offices of the Provost and Research, and the Academic Centres of Excellence at the Kepler Space Institute. We are also looking for new Instructors who are passionate about teaching and want to help us open the next frontiers.”

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