Fall 2017 – Journal of Space Philosophy – VOLUME 6, NUMBER 1

Nov 15, 2017

We dedicate this Fall 2017 issue of the Journal of Space Philosophy to the National Space Society (NSS, www.nss.org), and particularly the Board of Directors and leadership of this Global Space Community’s most influential organization.

We summarize our KSI’s work with the NSS at the International Space Development Conference – 2017, in St. Louis, in this issue. Some members of KSI have worked with NSS leadership since its founding in 1987. Interaction with Mark Hopkins, the Chairman of the NSS Executive Committee, has been a professional and personal privilege. He told us during the ISDC 2017 St. Louis Conference that he has attended all thirty-six of those annual conferences. His summary comment to those attending that conference, published in the Summer 2017 issue of the NSS magazine, AdAstra was: “We are indeed winning, and along with those of us in the Space Advocacy community, all humanity.”

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