Cities in Space 2015

May 14, 2015

The Cities in Space® Student Competition and Conference!

With over 450 students and educators participating in the STEAMSPACE Education Outreach™ CITIES IN SPACE® STUDENT COMPETITION AND CONFERENCE, the space world will be abuzz with curiosity and enthusiasm on October 16. Being held in Austin, Texas at the Palmer Event Center during the New Worlds Conference 2015, students will participate in student led presentations of their 1000 person colony exhibits with video, modeling and lecturing. In addition to designated student speakers brought in for STEAMSPACE students, students will also participating in the New Worlds Conference listening and interacting with researchers, entrepreneurs and leaders in the New Space Revolution. Join the fun!

The STEAMSPACE team is dedicated to opening the space frontier, in our lifetimes, to everyone. Beyond the boundaries of race, gender, ideological and socioeconomic difference, STEAMSPACE Education Outreach® believes in opening this new path to any and all who would like to go. In order to be prepared for the worlds of free space and settlement, the human race must consider what to do once the traveling is over and we have arrived. Our Cities in Space STEAM Competition for kids provides an immersive environment for students to explore all aspects of settlement design and development, while allowing them access to leading industry and academic professionals and a community of their peers, all growing towards our collective future in space.

Space settlement beyond our home here on Earth will require a broad array of skills and resources. The human race will thrive and multiply in new environments alive with broader cultures, science, and ideologies.

The Cities in Space® Competition offers students access to those who currently work in the space industry and space-oriented academia. In February, students will come together to present, compete and learn from one another about building a new world beyond Earth and how to create a surviving and thriving community. At Cities in Space®, in addition to their own project entries, competing students listen to speakers from a broad array of STEAM-related backgrounds, and interact with scientists, engineers, NASA experts, new space leaders, and astronauts.

In addition to these personal and professional interactions, students experience the larger space world through film screenings, fellow students presentations and music performances.

With a strong commitment to STEAM ( Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) education, Project Based Learning, and Social Emotional Learning, the Cities in Space® Competition is aimed at creating a structure that will enable the human race to survive and thrive into a new civilization in space.




November 10, 2015


Austin, TEXAS

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