Build New Worlds: Registration for Summer 2023 Semester at Kepler Space Institute is Now Open

Apr 1, 2023

Registration for the Summer 2023 semester at Kepler Space Institute is open! As a leading institution dedicated to advancing knowledge and research in human space exploration, we are committed to academic excellence and delivery of high-quality space education.

Our faculty comprises esteemed researchers, accomplished scientists, seasoned astronauts, and experienced engineers, all of whom are passionate about imparting their knowledge to the next generation of leaders and innovators. The upcoming semester at Kepler will provide students with opportunities to engage in space research, hands-on projects, and immersive learning experiences. We believe in fostering a collaborative and inclusive environment, where students from diverse backgrounds can work together to tackle complex challenges to enable humanity to live and work in space.

The mission of Kepler Space Institute is to benefit society and advance human knowledge and expertise. The Institute is dedicated to the expansion of human civilization from Earth to Space. KSI is committed to discovery, preservation and dissemination of knowledge, educating the next generation of leaders, and the development of space exploration, commercialization, and settlement.

Our programs are designed with flexibility, accessibility and experiential learning in mind. Discover a unique experiential learning experience, that extends beyond boundaries, bridging students’ academic studies and professional aspirations in the space industry.

At Kepler Space Institute, we believe in the transformative power of space education and the potential it holds for humanity’s future. Kepler offers more than 70 graduate program pathways, focused on human space exploration, allowing prospective students and current students the ability to pursue a broad range of degrees and credentials. Our goal is to ensure that the education you receive at Kepler is among the most relevant and rewarding in higher learning. Kepler encourages aspiring space explorers of all ages to take advantage of these opportunity and join our distinguished community of scholars.

For any questions or assistance with the registration process, feel free to contact our admissions team at [email protected]. Start your journey today and transform your orbit!

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