73rd International Astronautical Congress

Mar 23, 2022

The International Astronautical Congress 2022 will be hosted in the beautiful city of Paris, France. Exceptionally, the IAC 2022 will be from Sunday till Thursday, 18-22 September at the Paris Convention Centre (1 place de la Porte de Versailles, Paris). The Hosting Organization is the Centre National d’Études Spatiales (CNES), a member of IAF since 1981. Paris hosted the first IAC ever in 1950, then in 1963 and lastly in 1982 and now will be holding the record of the city with most IACs hosted.

With the theme Space for @ll we would like to make this IAC an outstanding occasion to bring together all space communities, alongside the burgeoning global ecosystem and start-ups, entrepreneurs, laboratories, research scientists and manufacturers that could get involved in space activities or benefit from them. Special attention will be paid to students and young professionals, who will be closely associated through dedicated events. And the general public will not be forgotten, as space-themed conferences and exhibitions will accompany IAC.


CNES, the 73rd International Astronautical Congress host, vows to produce the first sustainable IAC!

As the Professional Congress Organizer chosen by CNES, K.I.T. Group France shares this commitment and has integrated sustainable practices at all levels of the construction and organization of the event.

The certification process has been initiated according to the ISO 20121: 2012 “responsible event” standard. ISO 20121 offers guidance and best practice to help manage the event and control its social, economic, and environmental impact.

In addition to ISO 20121, IAC 2022 has decided to go even further and calculate its Carbon Footprint: the total amount of greenhouse gases (including carbon dioxide and methane) generated by our actions of all departments of the event: from registration, accommodation, transport, materials, to food, energy, and waste.


IAC 2022 has put in place initiatives to make its congress sustainable aiming to:

  • Reduce as much as possible the greenhouse gases produced before and during the congress and work to mitigate them
  • Lessen the resources required, favoring their use at the local level according to availability. Encourage reuse and recycling practices whenever possible.
  • Promote good sustainable practices, eco-gestures to stakeholders involved in the preparation of the congress
  • Work with suppliers, partners, and businesses supporting the sustainability efforts of the congress for environmental, social, and economic benefits
  • Leave a sustainable legacy for the city of Paris

Here is an overview of the initiatives implemented for the congress (non-exhaustive list). A report on the sustainable development of the IAC 2022 will be published at the end of the congress.

  • Presence of criteria related to Corporate Social Responsibility (approach to applying the principles and good practices of sustainable development in business) in the calls for tenders.
  • Selection of a professional congress organizer certified ISO 20121: 2012 “Responsible Event Management”, and commitment to the same certification process at the event level itself.
  • Support from a consulting firm specialized in sustainable event strategy, and by a firm in charge of the Carbon Footprint.
  • Implementation of a voluntary policy of compensation of participants’ registrations, to support projects selected by CNES.

Learn more about the ISO 20121 approach:

“Events take indeed a heavy toll on resources, society and the environment, often generating significant waste. In addition to promoting more responsible consumption, this International Standard has been developed to relieve the strain on local infrastructure and utilities, reducing the potential for conflict in communities where events are hosted.” (www.iso.org)

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September 18-22, 2022



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