Welcome students, scholars, and space advocates to Kepler Space Institute (KSI). Our administration, faculty, and staff are dedicated to Space research and education for the expansion of human civilization from Earth into Space, with the primary goal of benefitting humans everywhere on Earth and beyond.

KSI provides relevant educational programs and research solutions to business, industry and government in support of continuing Space Exploration, Commercialization, and Human Space Settlement.

Today is one of the most exciting times in the history of the world, as we look back through the ages we see amazing accomplishments that have been made in Science, engineering, medicine, and so many different aspects of life that have brought us to this point and have set the stage for us to move forward into a Era never before imagined. We at Kepler Space Institute, look forward to you joining our academic and research programs in the global space community in the quest of the inevitable future Space Epoch.

Science, technology and brainpower continue to give us the tools to achieve humanity’s successful journey into Space.  Our vision and belief is that humankind can be continually improved, avoid extinction and survive in perpetuity by capturing  the resources waiting in Space. The Law of Space Abundance – which states “Space has abundant resources to meet human needs” has been proven valid. But science and technology has also given humanity the tools for its own extermination. Our cradle Earth has evolved us to the verge of maturity. But we are not yet there; and the human factors for selecting  the good paths and rejecting the bad ones remains a challenge we will address.  We believe that Space holds the answer for humanity’s ultimate victory. Help us work toward that vision.


Bob Krone, Ph.D., Founding President