We are looking for motivated individuals who are curious about the issues that matter most to our society. Explorers, tinkerers, and innovators who are research savvy – researchers who love to dive deep into the numbers but who can also take a step back from them and think about the big picture.

We want individuals who can bring a meaningful contribution to the expansion of human civilization from Earth to space.

The ideal candidate should have:

  • Graduate degree (masters and/or PhD) in the areas of science, engineering, or medicine
  • A proven research track record
  • At least 3+ years of professional experience
  • Excellent communication skills with the capacity to work in an international setting
  • A good moral character with a high sense of purpose

There are two simple steps:

1. Fill out the form provided, attached your resume/CV

2. If you meet the qualifications, our team will contact you directly.

Thank you for your patience and we look forward to connecting with you soon!

Apply to become a Kepler Scholar.

Welcome to the Kepler Scholars Program! Kepler Space Institute (KSI) is looking for people who want to a part of a premier group of scholars to support research, exploration, development of space resources.

KSI is recruiting exceptional people with a university education in science, engineering, or medicine and extensive knowledge and experience.

Application Form