Vol. 2. No. 1, Spring 2013



  1. Journal Cover
  2. Dedication
  3. Preface – Bob Krone, Gordon Arthur, and Kseniya Khovanova-Rubicondo
  4. Contents
  5. “Journal Press Release” Walt Putnam
  6. “About Kepler Space Institute ” Robert L. Frantz
  7. “Roots of Kepler Space Institute” Bob Krone
  8. “Letters-to-the-Editor” Joel Isaacson, Phil Harris


  1. “Education, Learning, and Leading” Joseph Sobodowski
  2. “What is Dark Energy? A Toroidal Model of the Cosmos: The Big Bagel” Howard Bloom
  3. “Deep Space II: Taking the Philosophy of the Overview Effect to its Logical Conclusions” Frank White
  4. “Space Law Secularism and the Survival of Humankind ‘Essence’” George S. Robinson
  5. “Plato and Aristotle’s Ether: Revisited and Redefined” Declan J. O’Donnell and Sherry Bell
  6. “Flowers of the Cosmos” John Bossard
  7. “Widening the Dialogue about Faith in Space” Beata Chapman
  8. “Space Settlement Minus Human EvilAllen Scott Harper
  9. “Space: The Exploration Imperative” Rod Pyle
  10. “Voyage into the Unknown: God” Collin Skocik
  11. “Spirituality for the Space Community” Lawrence Downing
  12. Expanding the Heart: A 21st-Century Artronaut Contemplates Spaceflight” Frank Pietronigro
  1. “Space Settlement Design and Management: Entropy, Systems, and Sub-Optimization” Bob Krone
  1. “To Sing Among Stars,” Kim Peart
  2. “Research Questions and Hypotheses” Kseniya Kovanova-Rubicondo
  3. “Board of Editors, Journal of Space Philosophy”