Vol. 1. No. 1, Fall 2012




  1. Journal Cover
  2. Dedication
  3. “Preface” – Bob Krone & Gordon Arthur
  4. Contents
  5. “Journal Press Release” – Walt Putnam
  6. “About Kepler Space Institute” – Robert L. Frantz



  1. “Nature’s Cosmic Intelligence” – Joel Isaacson
  2. “Philosophy for Space: Learning from the Past – Visions for the Future” – Bob Krone
  3. “Deep Space: The Philosophy of the Overview Effect” – Frank White
  4. “Space Renaissance” – Walt Putnam
  5. “Space: Humans and the Art of Staying Human” – Lawrence Downing
  6. “The Astrosociological Imagination: An Anthology” – Stephanie Lynne Thorburn
  7. “The Philosophical Aesthetics of Space Culture and Arts” – Lowry Burgess
  8. “Space Philosophy: Conflict, Migration, Adaptation, Evolution, and Circumventing Armageddon” –George Robinson
  9. “Facing the 21st Century’s Civilization Challenges by the Tools of Astronautic Humanism” – Adriano Autino
  10. “A Stellar Revolution” – Kim Peart
  11. “The Philosophy of Kids for Space” – Lonnie Jones Schorer and Janet Ivey
  12. “Planet Moon Philosophy” – David Schrunk
  13. “Ultimate Priorities for Space and Space Science” – Paul Werbos
  14. “Fusing the Sun, the Sword, and the Academy for Human Independence from Gravity, the Bank, and the State” – Martin Schwab
  15. “Human Migration into Space is a Biological Imperative” – Sherry Bell and M. V. “Coyote” Smith
  16. “Humanity’s Destiny is Offworld” – Philip Robert Harris
  17. “Chinese Space Achievements and Philosophy: Known and Inferred” – Terry Tang
  18. “The Silence of Renewable Energy” – Daniel Fuentes
  19. “Research Questions and Hypotheses” – Bob Krone
  20. “Board of Editors, Journal of Space Philosophy”