Haroon Oqab


Haroon Oqab is a graduate of The University of Western Ontario and holds Master of Engineering degrees in Mechanical and Materials Engineering (Automation Technologies and Systems) and Electrical and Computer Engineering (Robotics and Control), he has also earned Bachelor of Science Honours Specializations in Kinesiology and Medical Biophysics (Physical Science Concentration).

Haroon Oqab is the Co-Founder & CEO of Columbiad Launch Services and Co-Founder & Program Manager of Enterprise In Space, a international initiative of the National Space Society. He also serves as the National Technical Program Manager of the Canadian Space Society  and is a member of the Canadian Space Commerce Association, Professional Engineers of Ontario and sits on the executive committee of the PEO Etobicoke Chapter.

Haroon is an astronautical physicist with a longstanding fascination with propulsion physics relating to achieving interstellar distances. His main interests lay in fully integrated spacecraft design with a particular focus on propulsion engineering, space solar power, development of infrastructure supporting an interplanetary civilization, and advancement of technology for space exploration beyond the solar system.

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