Natè Susheraba

VP Public Relations/Media

Ms. Sushereba serves as the Executive VP of Public Relations for Kepler Space Institute and is an active member of the KSI Board of Directors. Throughout her time with KSI she has worked with the National Space Society as the VIP coordinator and as an event programmer for their International Space Development Conferences.

In addition to her work with Kepler, Ms. Sushereba also serves as the Executive Vice President of Administration for Smart Fleet Engineering. In her capacity as VP with Smart Fleet, she acts as a liaison to senior management in Finance, Accounting, Strategic Planning, and Acquisitions.  Ms. Sushereba’s areas of expertise are Public Relations, Strategic Planning, Marketing, Event Planning, and Management.

In 2011 Ms. Sushereba served the Secretary of the Florida Senate as an Information and Press Liaison. Ms. Sushereba served as the President of a local woman’s service group, the Relief Society of the LDS church in Richmond Va. 2003-2006. In her capacity as President, she helped to rise over $100,000.00 to benefit a local Women and Children’s shelter.

As a Humanitarian and Space Advocate working in the Education and commercial space fields, her main interest lies in creating a legal and moral framework for off earth exploration and habitation.

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